Virtual servers

Shape your world, anytime, anywhere

Innovations in the IT market can bring real benefits to your company, if you have the right people by your side. With ITPS, you get the most appropriate technological solutions and you are charged by  used resources.

Why Virtual Hosting and Virtual ITPS Servers?

  • Benefit from virtualization benefits - redundancy, flexibility, efficiency and security - without the obligation to purchase them. In order to be able to test them, we offer a trial period of at least 30 days.
  • Instead of acquiring thousands of euros equipment, you will pay a monthly subscription based on the resources you need and also adjustable.
  • Your company saves costs associated with the purchase of physical servers and equipment maintenance, as well as those related to having its own data center space.
  • You have the technical expertise and know-how of our certified professional teams for all the technologies used, but you can choose to manage your own server;
  • Company data is protected by the industry's most advanced hardware and software systems and you have full visibility through the monitoring and reporting application.
  • Compared to other companies using a ticketing system, you can communicate and stay in touch with ITPS engineers.

More technical and hosting details can be found here.

How does it work?

Maybe you've already heard about the Cloud and you know its importance too. If you are not familiar, you can always ask us, but you just do not have to specialize in an unknown field. This is what we do.

Our team performs the automated migration process from physical servers to virtual servers. We assume the responsibility of securing data that directly influences the existence of communities at national and international level. We have in our portfolio over 350 virtual servers hosted on our infrastructure. You get added value and safety by relying on the expertise and operational expertise of ITPS specialists.

Case Study

Beneficiary: Intesa Sanpaolo Romania, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Project: Migrate over 70 physical servers to the virtual environment and fully integrate a VMware Enterprise environment into the existing IT infrastructure.

Solutions: Intesa Sanpaolo benefits from a Private Cloud with sufficient resources available to accommodate an additional performance of the systems used, as well as a reserve for the integration of C.R. IT systems. Firenze. The VMware Virtualization Platform has been integrated with existing systems within the Intesa Sanpaolo infrastructure, namely Cisco Catalyst Switches, IBM BladeCenter Servers, and IBM Storwize Storage Devices. By finalizing this project, two important objectives have been achieved:

  • Obtaining sufficient IT resources to accommodate the integration of C.R. Firenze Romania, as part of the merger process between these two entities;
  • Consistent cost reduction and maintenance risk mitigation for part of the existing server fleet.

Additional benefits: Getting hardware redundancy for all virtualized servers, simplifying and extending the backup process, significantly reducing energy costs and busy datacenter space, simplifying system administration, and getting the best SLA parameters.

“We have greatly appreciated the professionalism of the employees, the care for the client throughout the project and after, the warranty period, the updated documentation and the entire collaboration. We are convinced that we will continue to carry out such projects in the future too.”.

Marcela Gui, IT Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

"It was an ambitious project, which involved the migration of productive servers from the bank's infrastructure. We are pleased that together with Intesa Sanpaolo IT department we have managed to fit ourselves fully into the originally established migration plan. The new infrastructure delivers the highest level of availability to all IT system users, whether they are employees of Intesa or customers.”

Cristian Leoveanu - ITPS Business Unit Manager

Example calculation vs purchase hosting for a common server configuration *

Equipment Acquisition cost
Monthly energy cost
Server 5000 40
UPS 1200
Backup 1500
Windows Server License 800
Total 8500 EUR +40 EUR/luna

additional costs associated with: dataroom dedicated space, air conditioning, access control, dedicated connection electricity

Service Initial cost
Cost lunar
Virtual server hosting 0 200

includes backup and replication, dual power, UPS, generator, air conditioning usual professional

* Configuration: Rackmount server, 2 CPU, 32GB RAM, 500 GB of data, networking 1GB, DVD, remote management, dual power source