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Why ITPS deployment?

  • You receive specialized services - this is a niche that we have been continuously developing since its inception. We have the experience of finalizing over 500 deployment projects.
  • The services are varied: providing IT security and protecting against electronic theft by using firewalls, proxy, DLP; applications that are always functional through the redundant design of network equipment and servers; disaster replication solutions; reliable remediation of causes (or congestion) for underperformance performance VPN solutions to ensure communication between company headquarters; top expertise with our portfolio technologies.
  • As we also provide installation and training, you will have all the data you need to make effective use of your programs.
  • For any further clarifications and modifications, we are available for free for another 30-90 days after the completion and submission of the paper.
  • As an ITPS customer you will gain time. We respond quickly to technical support needs, providing a direct link with engineers.

How does it work?

After we have analyzed your company's needs (through an audit), we offer you various solutions that we can also create depending on the specific needs of the business. We focus on developing technical skills related to the design, deployment and maintenance of IT service infrastructures. With the solutions we create for you, you can accelerate the maturation and efficiency of IT processes within the company.

There is no problem if you do not understand the language used in the IT field. We are here to make it easier for you to use your company's infrastructure. All our experience on basic technologies is provided to you under the most advantageous contractual terms.

Case Study

Beneficiary: Electrica Transilvania Nord, supplier of electricity.

Project: Virtual Flash Flash acceleration solution to complement the performance of enterprise applications (improving response times and access to the storage system).

Solutions: Pernix Data, a solution considered "Best in Class" by the VMware users community. To meet the objectives, the existing VMware vSphere 5.5 cluster has been equipped with a single PCI Flash card on each server to accelerate virtual machines for both write and read operations. Its main advantages are:

  • Keep intact and unmodified virtual servers. No agent or driver is installed in the virtual machine to accelerate the flash. All operations are done directly by the hypervisor..
  • Compatibility with the recipient's SAN infrastructure. Implementation did not require modification of the parameters and configuration of the SAN already used by the company, where virtual machines were run in productive environment.
  • Virtual machine granularity. For each virtual machine, regardless of the operating system used, the Flash acceleration function can be activated without the need for VMotion operations on other LUNs.
  • The Flash acceleration solution is compatible with all versions of VMware vSphere, any operating system used on virtual servers and any SAN infrastructure (from any manufacturer using FC, iSCSI or NFS access protocols).

In order to run all of the operations in question, an interruption period of a few minutes was made.

"We are honored to have successfully implemented a project of this magnitude and that we have been able to offer added value to our customers."

Cristian Leoveanu - ITPS Business Unit Manager