Audit and consulting

See IT clear. Take control.

For any company on the verge of a changeover period, audit and consulting services are indispensable. Make sure to start a new path with experts by your side.

Why ITPS audit and consulting?

  • IT auditing is the first process that is approached in the customer-IT service relationship, in order to have a clear picture of the systems and solutions used within an organization. External expertise allows the company to gain added value and to relate to industry best practices..
  • The result of the IT audit synthesizes the existing pluses and minuses in the current configuration. We provide an accredited IRCA auditor for SMSI according to ISO 27001: 2013.
  • Consultancy can fill a gap or add value by properly sized equipment acquisitions, developing a security strategy, correctly identifying the causes of malfunctions, etc.
  • We have a flexible approach tailored to the needs of the company: from simple tips to the design and deployment of a complete system.
  • Our customers receive a summary with a risk matrix, as well as a list of recommendations for greatest impact risk-remediation, including budget estimates for each item..
  • Business-specific requirements can be met by appropriately organizing the IT resources. ITPS team of specialists uses technology to the advantage of the company, helping it to achieve its strategic objectives.

How does it work?

We identify infrastructure segments with high wear and risk, fraudulent or illegal activities - if there are any. To minimize the risks of implementing new technologies, the ITPS team carefully evaluates the impact (its advantages and disadvantages). We check IT inventory (hardware and software), configurations and procedures related to the operation of IT equipment and related software, we are talking to IT staff and employees.

The audit has a general overview, but the areas of interest to the client will be emphasized on a case-by-case basis (emphasis may be on licensing, data security, or on identifying application performance issues). For each problem identified by the IT audit process, ITPS will provide you with a solution.

In the end, as you can not leave in a real expedition without thoroughly checking out each piece of equipment, going through the IT field together with ITPS helps you avoid risky situations. Along with us, you can safely reach the proposed destination from the very beginning and - if you want - even further.

Case study

Beneficiary:can be any company or business that is in a moment of change or improvement of IT infrastructure. Our audit services are strictly confidential, so we preferred to write our clients' names and data with invisible ink.

Project: The project: Analyzing most of the projects we have finalized, we have found that this kind of commitment falls into two distinct categories:

  • Auditing for optimization / troubleshooting.. It is done in scenarios where the recipient is trapped in a vicious circle where insufficient operating parameters of an application or service are disputed between hardware suppliers, Internet service providers, and software providers, for example, blaming one another. Our consultants objectively assess the technical situation in such cases and may generate a root-cause analysis that provides a clear and consistent set of measures to optimize degraded services. We rely on over 10 years of experience with a multitude of systems and technologies and a portfolio of relevant technical knowledge in such situations..
  • Compliance / Security / Documentation Audit. Auditing IT systems by a third party is sometimes governed by legislation or board decisions. Here we can also include audit projects that occur with changes to internal IT support teams or different service providers. The company's management requires that the assessment of existing systems and processes be made by an external company. The commonality of these audit operations is the security that is absolutely necessary to prevent the negative effects of computer attacks and to protect the intellectual property of companies..

IT security, procedures, the efficiency of available resources, process and system optimization are becoming more and more relevant. The substantial increase in the number of IT audit projects is a good indication that confirms the maturity of the market and the demand for performing services.

"ITPS is among the few IT companies that can carry out comprehensive audit operations, both procedurally (ITIL standards, auditors ISO 27001: 2015) and technically. Our technical teams have been involved in supporting several hundred server and communications infrastructure projects. We are confident that the deliverables of an audit project we are going to perform will be a reference element commonly used in the company's current business and will not get bogged down in any cabinet of documents. "

Cristian Leoveanu - ITPS Business Unit Manager