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We are flexible and open to new collaborations. In our team you will find your place among people who live, talk, breathe IT. Take a look below to see if you can find yourself!

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- Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
- Exchange Server 2003/2007/2013 (CCR, DAG scenarios)
- SQL Server (MSCS & DB replication scenarios)
- IIS, NLB, Active Directory, RADIUS, Infrastructure Services

Linux RedHat/CentOS
- Common system services & maintenance
- Mail systems - Postfix, Zimbra
- Security software - Iptables, SQUID, Dan’s Guardian
- File System – Samba, AD integration
- Infrastructure services – Named, httpd, pureftpd, php, mysql
- Apps – Amavis, flexbackup

Security/Switching Appliance (Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet)
- Routers & UTM’s (Juniper JSeries, SRX, MX-Series, Cisco ISR, Fortigate, Palo Alto)
- Layer 2&3 Switches (Cisco Catalyst chassis, Juniper EX-Series - VLAN, Trunk, routing, STP, PAGP, DHCP_snooping)
- Cisco Enterprise Wireless, Ubiquity Networks
- Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) & IPS.
- Sandboxing solutions, Zero Day & APT prevention

Storage Infrastructure (NetApp FAS/E & Dell EMC, standard Block Based Storages)
- Full range of SAN deployments over FC, iSCSI and FCoE protocols, with Brocade/Cisco MDS/Nexus infrastructure
- Standard LUN/volume configuration and assignments
- Storage virtualization solutions with NetApp FAS / VSeries.
- Performance troubleshooting for latency / response time
- Flash/SSD acceleration (smart Tiering, inline caching cards)
- File-based integration (NFS&CIFS). Data replication sync/async.
- Autoloaders, Tape Libraries.

- Monitoring Systems (customized NAGIOS deployment)
- TS Infrastructure/Remote Desktop, Load Balancer & Gateway solutions.
- BCDR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solutions)
- Storage Replication
- VM backup/replication – Veeam Backup/Replication, Symantec/Veritas Backup Exec/NetBackup
- Hosted/local complete DR Scenarios

- Server consolidation & automation: ESXi/vSphere. VM migrations, capacity sizing
- Operations management, distributed switch-ing, workload optimization, HA/multipath configurations
- Security segmentation inside Virtual Environments. Virtual DMZ. Virtual application firewall
- Flash/SSD acceleration (Pernix Data FVP)
- VDI: VMware Horizon VIEW (PCOIP and RDP protocols). GPU acceleration
- Application virtualization / Thin (Zero) Client Solutions, connection brokers

We are interested in your knowledge. If you also have some skills with the above-mentioned technologies and think that your passions and interests are clearly from this area, you can become our future colleague. Before you think about multinationals or even emigration, we invite you to get acquainted.

Step 2:  Of course we are interested in what your resume looks like, but in fact our great requirement is to be compatible with us.

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If you want a very orderly and procedural working environment where you do not deviate from some protocols, then you need to know that ITPS is completely different. We have created here a working environment according to our aspirations, rhythms and potential. No working day resembles the precedent because we leave room for creativity.

We operate on flexibility, which refers to the higher degree of tolerance for professional and personal parameters. It is also reciprocal: from the firm to the employee and from the employee to the firm. We cherish professional independence, because each choice - from the form of collaboration, the equipment, even the place where you work - can lead to better results.

So if:

  • Professional longevity matters to you;
  • You appreciate the challenges and the projects with a high dose of unknown;
  • You have a strong motivation for your own development and want to get remarkable results,

there are great chances to have found your tribe!

You can work in an environment that stimulates constant growth, along with people who speak the same language as yourself. If the professional is tied to who you are and a lot of who you are is the passion for IT, it means you're finally home.

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If you have both the necessary technical knowledge and above average communication skills, you can become a fearless IT consultant..

If you are technically savvy, but still prefer to interact with people, facilitate communication and teamwork, and -especially if- you're good at completing projects with a happy end - then we urge you to accept a Project Manager chair. Project Manager.

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