These organizations know us pretty well



Selina - Ciprian Mada

I recommend working with ITPS. They have found solutions to all the reported problems, especially the prevention of computer attacks from the outside, which they have solved with seriousness and professionalism and with a very good response time. I highly appreciated the specialist support for advanced technologies and equipment.

Ciprian Mada



Primaria Timisoara - Ionel Marascu

ITPS is a company you can rely on. I know that because we have a very good collaboration for over ten years. They are recommended by promptness and professionalism. I do not think I have something to add.

Ionel Marascu

Primaria Timisoara


Smithfield Prod - Mihai Milchi

We needed technical advice on buying or replacing technology and reducing downtime. We particularly enjoyed the short reaction time and proactive monitoring. For technical knowledge covering several IT domains, I recommend the ITPS team and other companies.

Mihai Milchi

Smithfield Prod


Next Solutions - Razvan Hiru

Satisfied to the very good collaboration so far, with the desired and prompt results. I certainly recommend to others to entrust IT projects to the ITPS team.

Razvan Hiru

Next Solutions


BBraun - Alin Forga

They know very well what they have to do, therefore we have achieved the desired results. Those who appreciate the promptness and professionalism will find them in a project developed by ITPS

Alin Forga



Modatim - Sabina Gurbina

It's a pleasure to work with people who take their work seriously and do it with responsibility and professionalism. The results we were offered were very good and a very prompt, high-quality answer.

Sabina Gurbina



TMD Friction - Radu Ivanus

Following our collaboration with ITPS, we succeeded in implementing a virtualization system and developing it in the years to come. Thus, the time of intervention in the production hall has dropped dramatically, we can be alerted when it's a problem, and if it's about repairing a station, it's much easier than a normal computer. I liked the seriousness of those who implemented the systems and the recommendations they made.

Radu Ivanus

TMD Friction


Ursus - Nicolae Draganescu

We needed a professional collaboration and personalized solutions, such as the uninterrupted operation of automation systems or effective Backup and Recovery. We had the pleasure of working with a team of professional and friendly people. They quickly responded to any request and quickly resolved the issues. If I were to ask them anything would be just more frequent meetings and a link with clients outside the business relationship.

Nicolae Draganescu



Faist Mekatronic - Alex Petchesi

Improving our critical infrastructure has been done by ITPS. We recommend collaboration due to the high degree of professionalism of the participants in the project.

Alex Petchesi

Faist Mekatronic


Directia Fiscala Timisoara - Adrian Bodo

The speed of reaction and the professionalism they have demonstrated were the aspects we most appreciated in working with ITPS. We recommend them for the very good results and for the reasons listed earlier.

Adrian Bodo

Directia Fiscala Timisoara


Valeo Sisteme Termice - Catalin Coleasa

Congratulations on the level of professionalism and experience of your specialists. Following our collaboration with ITPS, we have been reducing the IT infrastructure management time and limiting the time for troubleshooting interventions. Among the few issues that could be improved are the use of Valeo standards, as well as reactivity in some areas such as WiFi.

Catalin Coleasa

Valeo Sisteme Termice


Cosmin Herman - Moodle Romania

We have grown a lot since we work with you, ITPS, thanks! We have succeeded in providing new services and developing our business and earning new customers. We appreciated the collaboration with the support team and the good management. Anyone who wants promptitude, professionalism and quality services should work with ITPS.

Cosmin Herman

Moodle Romania


Feroneria Prod - Dacian Cozma

Promptness and professionalism in solving emerging problems. Very good results. Of course, a recommendation from us.

Dacian Cozma

Feroneria Prod