We handle more stuff, but in these we excel

MicrosoftFirst love never dies, especially if we interact frequently with it. Our colleagues keep alive the excitement and joy of Microsoft's MCSA examinations, MCSE since the early 2000s. Technologies such as Active Directory, Exchange, IIS, and SQL Server are still part of our lives. We are proud of the experience gained with all software versions since 2000.

IbmIndisputable leader in equipment for pretentious datacenter. Since the very beginning of IT in Romania, System X servers, TotalStorage DS series storage devices, SAN switching systems and tape libraries have been highly appreciated. Even if part of the business was taken over by Lenovo, we can still find these types of equipment on the market. Our specialists will be happy to remember the good times by working with them.

Cisco Catalyst switches and ISR routers have boosted communications and connectivity over the last twenty years around the world. Even today, they set robustness standards on this segment, with a portfolio completed over time. We believe we have enough arguments for  offering newer technologies such as Wireless, Email and Web Security Appliance.

Vmware It's been more than 13 years since we run virtualization projects. Many things have changed in the meantime, server virtualization has become almost omnipresent, and the world is ready to try this technology. Whether we are talking about virtualizing servers, stations or storage, they are complemented by backup and replication technologies, isolation and traffic securing mechanisms inside distributed switches, and much work to optimize virtual environments.

Netapp A big step forward was made in 2009 when we started this partnership. The line of equipment has brought innovations and significant advantages in the scenarios where they have been implemented. More than 150 devices have been deployed since then, combining traditional NetApp technologies (RAID-DP, Deduplication, Flex- and Snap-) with the use of flash / SSDs.

Juniper For years, Juniper Networks technology has been used in most communications nodes, making it the default choice for many international data carriers. You can count on Juniper to deliver consistent performance, even in scenarios that add many additional networking services. Juniper switches and routers remain a standard of performance and versatility for those who breathe IT daily.

Dellemc In 2016, the world's largest IT technology company was formed, through the merger between Dell and EMC. We could not remain unresponsive, so today we are promoting the consistent portfolio of technological solutions offered by this giant. We are anxious to take part in the announced changes in this area, where impressive budgets have been invested and are still being invested.

Veeam Veeam has had a very spectacular evolution over the last ten years and we are very glad to have bet on a winner. At the start of this partnership (2009), their backup and replication solutions were familiar to only the busiest VMware Infrastructure Managers. Today, the solution portfolio promises maximum availability for both vSphere and HyperV platforms.

FortinetIn the Enterprise Firewalls category, it is a player who resisted more than most analysts anticipated. Further, their line of products is widely appreciated due to the performance gained through the use of ASICs. FortiGate firewalls fit in a great deal of large data transfer between public and private networks. Versatility of the equipment is used to activate multiple services on a single platform.

Paloalto Next Generation Firewalls, the child prodigy PaloAlto competes with the Checkpoint giant for supremacy in industry appraisals. Helped by unique technology and a visionary leadership team, the company has set a new approach in the fight against current computer attacks. We are happy to offer our customers highly effective solutions for protecting and preventing important systems and data.