About us

Sincerely sau Just as we are

We contribute to your company's success by providing dedicated and integrated IT solutions: design, deployment, maintenance, virtual infrastructure training as well as outsourcing, virtual server hosting and more.

IT Professional Solutions is the right answer to any challenge in information technology.

Who we are?

We are a cohesive team of people motivated by passion for IT and guided by specific engineering objectivity.

In 2005, we became an independent company by detaching from Eta2u, the largest IT company in the West. Having already experienced significant customer collaboration and certifications, we have also created a favorable environment for the increasingly passionate specialists.

Our most important values are flexibility, curiosity, openness to innovation and continuous learning. These allow us to grow rapidly and continuously on the IT & C market by at least 40% each year.

We have experience, patience, care for details. The way we do our work speaks for itself, through successful implementations, the number of successful collaborations, and customers who repeatedly use our services.

We aim for excellence, guiding companies on their way to the top.

What we do?

For over a decade, we provide exclusively IT services, being one of the pioneering companies in Romania.

Our mission is to simplify for you the technological part of the business and to give it the chance to grow to its full potential. We start with a correct and complete assessment, we provide you customized solutions and achieve the desired results. It's just that simple.

  • With no headaches, your company earns a flexible and tailor-made IT system with trusted technical solutions;
  • In terms of costs, you will reach the set goals, investing exactly what is needed in equipment and software and reducing operating costs;
  • We remain available for technical support, even after implementing the established solutions.

Perspective ITPS

While 95% of IT products and services made in Romania by Romanian specialists addresses international market, we are part of the 5% who devote Romanian environmental services. We work for institutions or private companies, start-ups or prominent customers in Romania. Our specialists have skills similar to those of their colleagues in the corporate environment, but we choose to apply the benefit of those who live and work here.

Directing us to a non-corporate area, we could develop without being influenced by strict and rigid bureaucratic objectives. We are equidistant in selecting companies producing optimally compatibilizând various offers. The nature of our work requires significant doses of awareness, commitment and responsibilities assumed in providing performance. The success of our customers and the impact of these projects in the life of communities depend on how we carry out.